Core values and vision

We believe that:

  • Technological change is a result of our dream for a better life, defined as more fairness, more freedom and more beauty in our society.
  • There will always be room to improve how creative talents serve the human drive for change and progress.
  • The faster the change, the more adaptable people and business need to be.


We inspire and motivate the establishment of hubs where people can feel the joy of technological innovation, be aware of their mission to society as entrepreneurs, and elevate the culture around them.

What we do

Trakia Tech is a think tank and a startup incubation platform that, educates, inspires and creates opportunities by:

  • Creating open labs and vertical incubation programs for technological teams, spinoffs, and startups.
  • Attracting talents for technology projects and startups; supports them with focused mentoring and guidance of teams regarding the implementation of functional prototypes of their projects.
  • Providing analysis and reports and host events about the opportunities of digital transformation.
  • Supporting a data-driven culture in established companies by integrating them in the ecosystem and the tech financing world.

Members & access to our community

Members and partners have early or exclusive access to insights, events, and startup teams included in the open labs and incubation programs.


Contact Us

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