Developer-friendly security

To meet the rising security concerns and requirements, developers need an easy and clear way to integrate security measures in new projects. Join our conference to learn how to use hardware security in different environments. From embedded systems and cloud deployments to desktop workstations and datacenters.

We want to remove the barrier to the adoption of this state-of-the-art technology. Starting with Trusted Platform Modules(TPM) and employing Intel, AMD, and ARM security extensions.

We are a group of developers who want to make our applications and systems protected using hardware security. This way we can install trust in the systems and help the system owners, the administrators, and the end-users. For example, we can verify the (cloud) servers that are used to run our applications. We can verify the configuration of our IoT devices in the field using tamper-proofed evidence. To do this we are sharing our industry knowledge and experience, we meet online every Wednesday and collaborate openly at Everyone is welcome, from enthusiasts to developers. Adding Hardware Security Modules(HSM/TPM) in your next project is possible. Because anyone can use this technology to protect their personal computer or commercial product.

Welcome to the 2021 Conference!

Please note that the Conference is open & free to attend.

On the first day of the conference – 21st Sept – we will have only online audience.

On the second day of the conference – 22nd Sept – we are online and we will also be able to welcome up to 45 persons physical audience at the venue (Launchee), situated in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

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