We are proud to partner with Capital Weekly and Plovdiv Municipality in the Annual Business Forum Industry 4.0.

The annual conference is one of the major business forums in South Eastern Europe, and it the main event that focuses primarily on Industry 4.0 trend. It will be hosted for the third time in the heart of one of the most developed industrial areas in the region – the city of Plovdiv. The conference agenda will showcase the innovators and industrial champions who are already shaping the future, and will bring together business and policy leaders of that vibrant region of Europe.

New technology trends are getting momentum in manufacturing – one of the leading growth engines in Eastern Europe. Traditional business are now being digitally transformed, more processes outsourced and all business strategies are adopting the Industry 4.0 paradigms. Multinationals shift their focus from offshoring production processes to outsourcing R&D and other higher-end activities. That all brings a whole new perspective to New Europe as well as poses some new challenges.


  • Regional perspective: From competition to cooperation.
  • How the major industrial hubs in South Eastern Europe can cooperate and benefits for the global industrial trends
  • Manufacturing goes hi-tech: Innovation and knowledge transfer to the traditional industries
  • Multinational companies’ expansion will bring more R&D activities to the region, as well as and partnerships with leading research institutions
  • The hunt for engineering talent
  • Faster development of the startup ecosystem, combined with good quality of life, will make some cities in the region a preferred destination for professionals. How to make a city attractive
  • Financing innovation and digital transformation
  • VC focus shifts from software to traditional industries

You will need a registration to attend the conference. Please, do it before October 10th, 2018.