Trakia Tech and Æternity Ventures are partnering up to find use cases of æternity blockchain technology in the traditional industries and in everyday life. After an initial incubation period, while Trakia Tech discovers and formulates teams and use cases, aeternity Ventures will further collaborate with them to find financing, legal support, business development and technological support. Open Source projects and apps for the future of society are going to be the initial and ongoing focus of this partnership. Trakia Tech will take on the task of organizing an educational program to enhance people’s skills for the future including both soft skills and digital technology in their region while aeternity Ventures will sponsor events and initiatives to reach our common goals.

Nikola Stojanow, CEO of Æternity Ventures explained, “We find that Trakia Tech is a natural partner in our ecosystem to educate, inspire and to help find commercial realization of ideas using blockchain technology.”

Georgi Stoeff, Chairman of the Board of the Trakia Tech Foundation commented, “We are happy to attract such a significant player in the blockchain world to help us grow the local ecosystem.”

We look forward to seeing how the exciting new partnership aid in the expansion of a more transparent and decentralized future world.

Æternity Ventures exists to support ambitious blockchain projects through strategic funding and expert mentorship. We grow projects that use the æternity blockchain platform. This secure technological platform allows for a large number of blockchain transactions to be carried out simultaneously and specializes in the creation of intuitive mobile applications, facilitating user-friendly “smart contracts”.

Based in Plovdiv, the center of the Bulgarian Thracian Valley, Trakia Tech’s platform for sharing technology and knowledge is on a mission to digitally transform manufacturing, finance and other traditional industries.