Technology advances are blurring the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds. Intelligent, interconnected systems now support activities along the entire value chain. The AI is changing how we work, how we produce and will change the way we live.

What does this mean? It means reduced costs and improved efficiencies. It means greater speed and scale. It means smarter products and services. It means evolving from disrupted to disruptor.

The conference will examine how is Bulgaria placed in this sea of change? What are the Bulgarian companies and industries in the country doing to become part of the new wave? What will this mean for the working force, for the growth and for region development? The two days conference agenda will showcase the innovators and industrial champions who are already shaping the future.

The main topics:

  • Where is Bulgaria on the European industrial map
  • The role of the state in promoting economic growth and innovations
  • Top 5 Business Forecasts for the Future of Industry
  • The education and skills of the new era: new ways of learning and the new ways of working
  • The Digital Revolution and New Business Models
  • Industrial automation / the digital factory
  • Outsourcing strategies for the modern industry

The organisers:

The conference is a collaboration between one of the most developed business locations in the Southeast European region Plovdiv municipality, the leading event organiser and influential business media Capital and Trakia Tech.

Place of the event:

Bulgaria, Plovdiv, International Fair Plovdiv, pavilion 7, 28-29 September 2017

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