The industrial automation system is a combination of software, hardware and communications infrastructure that allows real-time data acquisition from the production process and its management and optimization.

The industrial control system helps in three main ways:
* Greater productivity and lower costs
* Data collection from production for analysis and optimization, and connection to business planning and logistics systems
* Helps to introduce and comply with standards and quality control through production traceability and procedures

On December 11th (16:00) our lecturers from Siviko will present the new Ignition SCADA which is the next step in reinventing industrial automation software. Siviko is a certified integrator of Ignition SCADA 7.9, which is the most innovative and powerful industrial platform in the world while being among the most affordable. For more information download own partner’s leaflets in English or in Bulgarian.

You can watch our 1 hour-long live stream free at without registration! The working language will be Bulgarian.