We had the pleasure to attend the Webit Festival, which is one of Europe’s most significant and most important innovation and tech forums in Sofia, Bulgaria. The conference has attracted 15,000+ attendees from 120+ countries and has created a unique opportunity to meet the European innovation, digital and tech ecosystems in one place.

Trakia.Tech`s team was able to connect and discuss the latest trends and opportunities presented by the digitisation of the overall economy and the digital transformation of various industries, with some of the most powerful digital & tech industry regulators, the world’s top digital economy executives, global innovators, investors, tech leaders, academia and some of the hottest startups in Europe.

Moreover, one of our visionaries – Georgi Tonchev took part in a panel called Plovdiv – Driving innovation through local strengths. Together with the other panelists: Plamen Panchev – CEO of Trakia Economic Zone, Stefan Stoyanov – Deputy Mayor of Plovdiv Municipality, Stefan Chekanov – co-founder and CEO of Brosix and Rodoslav Dervishev – founder and CEO of Sibiz Corporation, they presented & discussed the current business & technology environment and opportunities in Plovdiv – the fastest developing business hub in Bulgaria.

The main takes from the panel`s discussion were:

  • Plovdiv is fast becoming the burgeoning hub of the biggest and best industrial zone in South East Europe – Trakia Economic Zone.

  • Increasingly more technologically advanced investors are establishing a base in the Plovdiv region, creating an excellent opportunity to develop R&D centres and labs as part of the Industry 4.0 digitisation and innovation global drive.

  • Good level of education is a prerequisite for attracting high-level technology & innovation opportunities to the region, That is why the local business works tirelessly within close cooperation with the local schools and universities to prepare the younger students to embrace the digital skills needed to succeed in the new world.

  • The startup scene in Plovdiv is thriving as the entrepreneurs are pulled to the city, where they find well qualified digitally-native workforce, excellent infrastructure, like-minded progressive piers, and a good value base to establish operations.

  • The quality of life in Plovdiv is at par with some of the best cities in Europe and its vibrant, cultural and enigmatic atmosphere is making it a great place not just to work but also to live – increasingly attracting digital nomads, young expats and executives with their families.

The overall conclusion is that the world is changing very fast and the smartest economic activity will gravitate around the innovation & technological hubs of the future – where people, ideas, technology, business, and government collaborate to create the best scene. Plovdiv is uniquely positioned to connect new with old industries and be such a place and we at Trakia.Tech are the ambassadors & facilitators of this collaboration.

Header image by: Yovko Lambrev