Understanding the need for digital transformation of the economy and the Bulgarian administration;
Led by the desire for new cooperation between the local administration and the business in order to achieve the common goal – Digitalization of the economy in Bulgaria;
Convinced of the key role that businesses and Bulgarian startups have when a partnership between the institutions and the entrepreneurs in the economy is the only way for realizing the goal;

We believe that in civil society, living in the conditions of a free market economy, every private and public entity has its role and function. It is evident for everyone that the main responsibility of the government is not to replace the market mechanisms or create “complete restriction”, but rather to support the relationships between business entities.

In this spirit of responsibility and cooperation, we see the potential for the advancement of the digitalization of the economy through the application of “private schemes for electronic identity”.

To solve the challenges in digitalization for the local and city administrations, clear steps are necessary for the adoption of new technologies. Which to take into account the goodwill of all involved partners, the Bulgarian economy to realize its potential for higher economic growth through the digitalization of public services and support for the digitalization of business processes between the business entities in the economy.


Introduction of the conception for Business e-Residency, for short called “eBG ” hereafter, which enables the digital access to administrative services of the Municipalities in Bulgaria and supports the digitalization of the business processes in the economy through “private schemes for electronic identity”.

Steps for implementation

  1. Launching the Business e-Residency (eBG) based on a private scheme for electronic identity and single point of contact web portal.
  2. The issuing of a Business e-Residency to be done completely online and remotely, as a digital process.
  3. The use of electronic signature by BG, also called “Business eSignature”, to be possible through a modern smartphone or other intelligent device.
  4. Eliminate the need for card-readers to use public services digitally, by using eBG.
  5. eBG will provide straightforward control of electronic identity for the purposes of identification and official document signing using Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) with full legal value as a handwritten signature under Regulation (EU) 910/2014.
  6. Enable the use of electronic “power of attorney” through eBG for providing authorization to another person without the need of certification by a notary.

Expected effects and results

  1. Higher productivity across the Bulgarian economy, when business processes are digitized and supported with electronic identity, electronic signature, and other electronic trust services, which are easy to use and have full legal value.
  2. Thanks to digitalization of the processes between Bulgarian business, their partners, and clients, we expect to see faster growth of the successful trade relationships.
  3. Easier and more comfortable work between the public institutions and the business through the use of modern digital public services.
  4. Digital public services, accessible by easy to use technology for electronic identity, signature, and other electronic trust services, enable the digital reception of official documents with full legal value. This would eliminate the queue lines in front of the service desks, which would allow the public servants in the civil services to work in higher comfort and focus.
  5. Digitalization of public services enables the secure electronic delivery of documents by the civil service to the business, which would lead to an increase of trust in the institutions and increase the predictability for the business.
  6. Developing the Bulgarian economy for new investors and local entrepreneurs, by reducing the administrative weight and optimizing the time necessary for the realization of investment projects.
  7. The effects of more convenient and secure digital access to public and business services will be beneficial for the civil administration and the existing business entities in the country, as well and investors, planning to make investments in the Bulgarian economy and Bulgaria.

This Memorandum is entered with an indefinite term and is in effect from the date of its signing. Each side could unilaterally leave this Memorandum by doing so with a formal (electronic) letter.
Participation in this Memorandum is on goodwill, for the advancement of the Digitalization in Bulgaria.

Partners and participants:
Trakia Economic Zone
Evrotrust Technologies AD
Trakia Tech
DesignFirst OÜ


Photo by Agus Dietrich on Unsplash